The Ultimate Father’s Day Gift Guide

Make Father’s Day great this year by supporting your biggest fan with the perfect gift! Don’t even think about buying him that weird tie that was on sale again…. Get him something unique, something that he’ll really appreciate and actually USE! Fortunately for you, we compiled a list based on interests to help you find the most ideal gift this year- whether you’ll be shopping for your hubby or your pops, something on this list will stand out for a special Father’s Day!

1. Tech Organizer Tray in Mahogany, Neiman Marcus

This tray perfectly compartmentalizes all of your tech accessories balancing functionality and style … plus it’s made of mahogany! There’s six cord grooves built in for easy access to charging cables along with a washable leather built in interior in case your dad spills his morning, afternoon, or evening coffee.

2. Rimowa North America Luggage, Neiman Marcus

Boss dads are constantly on the move for business, so why not gift him with what he really needs along with a way for him to think of you while traveling. This luggage set is absolutely stunning and made with a hard-shell aluminum to carry all of his loafers. It even includes combination locks along the top as well as a clothing divider, laundry bag, and shoe bag! What’s not to love?

2. Aeron PostureFit Chair, Design Within Reach

For the man who spends most of his hours in the office, spend your money on a well deserved gift- the most comfortable office chair out there! DWR carries all of the most elegant and supportive desk chairs on the market, and this one is remastered from the original Herman Miller design. But be careful, he may never want to leave that office again if he’s sitting in this guy.


1. Steaks BBQ Apron, Design Public

For people who love to cook & bake, aprons are always a good idea! The vintage roadside sign along with the natural taupe color makes this apron masculine and cute at the same time. We love this apron for the simplicity and nostalgia that it inhibits, and we’re sure your man will too!

2. Alfa Pizza & Brace Oven, Front Gate

Get him a gift that you can get some use out of too… a real pizza oven. This is the perfect way to get your family closer for your Sunday dinners! This oven can grill or broil other meats and veggies too using Old World methods along with the latest technology to master any meal. The copper colored stainless steel is a nice touch, too 🙂

3. 18-Jar Acacia Wood Spice Rack, Crate & Barrel

This beautiful spice rack is made of acacia wood and can be used 3 ways- standing on its own, mounted on a wall, or laid flat in a drawer. For the dad who’s always in the kitchen, he’ll love knowing that 18 spices are included ranging from herbs de provance to crushed mint to pizza seasoning- AND the set includes free refills on the spices for up to 5 years!


1. Topeak RideCase for iPhone, REI

Make training and routing simpler for your cyclist pops by gifting him this iPhone holder that mounts perfectly on his bike! The high-grade plastic exoskeleton securely holds an iPhone no matter what type of ground he’ll be riding on.

2. ENO Hammock Shelter, REI

If your man loves to hike, camp, fish, hunt, or even sun bathe and doesn’t own an eno then he is really missing out. We feel this is the biggest trending product in Austin right now, and it’s easy to see why. These hammocks fold into the simplest bag but can support a lot of weight. Hook one up to a couple of trees and he’ll find himself sleeping away wherever his heart desires.

3. Swell Black Crocodile Bottle, Neiman Marcus

Swell bottles are another product that have been taking over the last year. (Sorry, Camelbak…) The reason being is its ability to stay SO cold for SO long while also looking really, really cool. These babies come in every pattern and design and can even be monogrammed for you prepsters out there. But for the campin’ dad… get him one that makes him feel in touch with nature with this highly realistic crocodile print!

1. MW60 Wireless Over-Ear Headphones, Neiman Marcus

The rocker dad has got to be my favorite of the bunch. And these beautifully designed cognac lamb leather headphones will definitely be admired by a music man. There’s the option to attach/detach the wire aux cord and even includes a 16-hour rechargeable battery.

2. Orbit Plus Turntable, Crate & Barrel

Old school music enthusiasts claim that music sounds better on a record… I don’t know much about that. What I do know is if your dad/husband/gramps/godfather/life-partner constantly says that, just get him this gift already. This sleek design will take take center stage on any console in the house for any celebration.

3. Mohawk Lollipop Holder, Jonathan Adler

Jonathan Adler is known to have some pretty “out there” sculptures, and this has to be at the top of the list. We can’t help but absolutely love it! The description on the website is so fitting, we had to add it in- “The perfect dichotomy of sickeningly sweet and sweetly sickening: lollipops & punk. It’s perfect for parties- but keep it away from the mosh pit!”

1.  Whiskey Rocks, Crate & Barrel

And last but certainly not least… the drinker. We love to hate on him and he loves to party. So gift this guy something he’ll definitely make good use of. Whiskey Rocks. These are ideal for certain cocktails because they do a fantastic job at keeping your drink cool, without watering it down. OR heat these guys up for a warm drink if you’re up for it.

2. Curvo Wine Rack, Design Public

Introducing- the prettiest wine rack you’ll see this summer. Made of acacia wood, it curves with fluid lines creating a balanced holder for dad’s most prized wine. This thing will be catching every guests’ gaze at your house parties. So now he can talk about his wine from ’88 along with the sculpted rack it sits in.

3. Bobby Jack Bar Cart, Neiman Marcus

A necessary gift for the ultimate host & drinker- a beautifully designed bar cart. With a polished stainless steel frame and shelves made of banana bark inlaid with acrylic, this bar cart is ideal for parties. The best way to show off your extravagant cocktails and foreign liquor is with the perfect bar cart!


Or maybe you’re looking to revamp the man cave? Either way, we are here to help with some great ideas and work with you and your family to build your perfect home.  Give us a shout!

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