Two Styles, One Color Palette

We wanted to get a little more creative this week and design some fun spaces that show how you can have two different styles that are within the same color palette. Both possess multiple styles of design elements that kind of create their own personal style within itself. Our color palette for this is a range of burnt orange, coral, navy blue, creamy whites, medium-toned woods, gold, and pops of varying yellows and greens- creating a pretty contrasting space yet is still very cohesive in the overall design.

Contemporary, Glam:

Sofa // Armchair // Coffee Table // End Table // Poufs // Hide Rug // Right Rug // White Pillow // Red Pillow // Marble Pillow // Furry Pillow // Console Table // Benches // Art Piece // Sconces // Chandelier // White Paint // Blue-Gray Paint // Penny-tile // Patterned Tile

We wanted to keep this design very clean, streamlined, and luxurious. Bringing in the natural wood color to that gorgeous armchair along with some pops of orange and red tones with some of the throw pillows. Shades of blues are used with some of the textiles within varying patterns of pillows and even in that second rug. There is a wide range of textures being used as well, cowhide poufs and a cowhide rug for added depth to the space, and reinforcing the intricate design of the small, seashell penny-tile with that chandelier. This one also has a lot more gold accents on the chair/table legs and the sconces. The large scale Moroccan-inspired tile pattern also brings out a lot of the colors used in this and gives an extra flair to the space- perfect for a nearby powder room or even kitchen floor/backsplash depending on the home.

Modern, Eclectic:

Sofa // Armchair // Coffee Table // End Table // Left Rug // Right Rug // Blue Pillow // Yellow Pillow // Blue & Orange Pillow / Pastel Checkered Pillow // Lumbar Fringe Pillow // Leather Bench // Round Mirror // Chandelier // Creamy Paint // Blue Paint // Blue Patterned Tile // Yellow Patterned Tile

This design focused a lot more on the woody, natural tones adding to a more cozy, homey space overall. In the chair’s arms and legs, the ottomans, and bench (perfect for a foyer), we see the natural wood all of which also have pops of gold- the lining of the coffee table, the end table, and in the chandelier. Just like the first design, there is a ton of texture, but it has a much more unique, almost handmade feel to those pieces to accentuate the eclectic vibe of the space. This is a more budget-friendly inspiration because it is so easy to find random pieces that can still fit together- giving it more of an unconventionally designed space and looking effortlessly styled.


We hope these designs gave you some good inspiration for possibly re-decorating or trying to find a style that’s right for you and how to make it work with an easy and fun color palette. If you’re interested in doing something more extensive to your home, give us a call!  We would love to help you design your perfect space.

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