Some of our Favorite Girl’s Bedroom Lighting

Today we’re doing a very specific lookbook of lighting for a young girl’s bedroom. There are so many fun details you can go with when designing a feminine child’s room, and one of our favorite things to play with is the lighting options. We found really eclectic pieces that have accents of flowers, butterflies, and birds that will make the space look so dreamy. Let’s jump into some of our favorites!

Girl’s Bedroom Lighting Options:

1. Kate Spade Flower Flush Mount | 2. Jaime Young Butterfly Pendant | 3. White Birds Chandelier | 4. Bird Cage Chandelier5. Golden Lighting Floral Fixture | 6. Leafy Crown Flush Mount | 7. Grace Flower Chandelier

Designing for a young girl’s. bedroom gives you the ability to be extremely creative and whimsical where you don’t always have the options in other parts of a residential project. The bird cage chandelier (#4)  is especially unique and we see it being used in a very modern, colorful, and geometric style bedroom. Whereas something like #7 could be in a mildly lavish bedroom of a girl who adores princesses. There are so many directs to turn to when creating a space meant for children, that we like to just run with it! Go with the ideas that YOU wish you had was a child and work it from there.

Interested in giving your home a specially curated look with the help of professionals? Give us a call! We’d love to help design your dream space catered specifically for you and your family.

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