Then and Now of Home Styles, What Stayed and What had to Go!

Ever wonder what your world looked like when you were born? Do you remember your first bedroom? Your parents living room furniture? I know some of you do. This memory for some creates a LOVE for the style of the time. It makes you feel at home. It gives you a sense of comfort and safety.  For others, they want nothing to do with their parent’s styles.  They want to find the style furthest from their memories and run to it without looking back.


I was a child of the early 70’s. The simple, mid-century modern style had been in full bloom for a number of years.  I find it funny to see this photo of the style from 1972 and think “We are doing things in such a similar style to this today!” Granted, we have put our own generational spin on the style, but it is modeled from the 60’s and 70’s none the less.

styles of 1972


I have no love loss for the wood paneling on the walls or the popcorn looking tiles on the ceiling, but the ledge stone look on the fireplace and the cushion and wood style sofa and chair with a Missoni pattern (I am pretty sure I have a dress that looks just like this in my closet right now!) are definitely peaking my interest in this photo. The arms are not overstuffed, there is no skirt covering the bottom of the furniture and shiny brass is the metal finish of choice.


Styles of Today

Today’s fashion finishes include Brass (but it is a matte finish), wooden arms and bases on furniture with sharp corners rather than rounded edges, ledge stone style tiles or stones at the fireplace, and ceiling fans are no longer a standard site in Family Rooms.


Though I will always have a love for the styles of my past, I am enjoying the new and improved versions of things in my present and can’t wait to see (and help guide) what lies ahead.

If you have an outdated room that just needs a little sprucing up,  Give us a call! .  We would love to help you find your new style for 2017.

(In the mean time, I think I am going to try to bring back Rain Lamps…it could catch on again!)


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