The New LINE Hotel in Downtown Austin

We’re taking the time to discuss another amazing hotel that is officially open in the heart of Austin, right off of Town Lake called the LINE Hotel. This franchise has only three locations which include the original in Los Angeles Korea Town, Washington D.C., and now right here at home! Right on the edge of Town Lake and South Congress, it is centered in music, drinks, and natural Texas beauty.

The aesthetic of this hotel is a stunning mid-century building with a lot of Texas accents. The builders and designers wanted to keep the Austin spirit alive so there are a ton of natural, local materials throughout the entire space. The lobby of this boutique hotel is completed with floor to ceiling windows that offers one of the best views in our city. The LINE Hotel fully utilizes our own artists that come from surrounding areas… There are over 5oo different art pieces that come from Central Texas artists! We love an “outsider” coming in and adding to the culture of Austin rather than changing it to their own perception of design from other places.

There are a few dining options in the LINE Hotel, and the main experience is led by Chef Kristen Kish, Top Chef’s Season 10 winner! She looks to Austin for cooking inspiration by using local ingredients to curate specially made dishes for our city. That is something that makes Austin so unique compared to other larger cities in this country. We are the best at keeping things in the community by using what is around us as a way to stay authentic.

The rooms are so naturally chic, full of natural materials and exemplify the stunning views once again. Travel + Leisure wrote,” ‘For the guest rooms, we were influenced by space and time, taking cues from the eroded landscape, swimming holes, and underground aquifers,’ said designer Sean Knibb. ‘We created materials and relief sculptures in furnishings that spoke to those processes.’ For example, the wooden headboards, sandblasted with a winding topographical pattern, are a nod to the unique ecosystem surrounding Austin.”

The master suite is absolutely stunning and has a larger contrast of colors compared to the guest rooms. Yet it still cohesive in design and color scheme! We see the recurring pops of navy, millennial pink, and blonde wood. But now there are stunning emerald green accents… from the curved chairs, artwork, and abundance of plants! Master or presidential suites, depending on the hotel, aren’t always the best even though they are supposed to be. A lot of them have a ton of wasted space and a lack of accessories that make it feel more corporate than it should be. The LINE Hotel strives in the complete opposite direction of that. We see pillows, throw blankets, coffee table books, vases, and potted plants. It is has the coziness of your own home while being elegant enough for luxury living in a high-end boutique hotel.


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