Thayer Coggin Appreciate Post

Earlier this summer, the PAI team had the opportunity to meet and hear a presentation given by Phil Miller- the director of sales and marketing for Thayer Coggin! If you think you don’t know who that is, have you ever heard of Milo Baughman? (If not, please google him asap!) Milo and Thayer were long time business partners and worked together designing, building, and selling their furniture together for many, many years. To this day, the only company that has the rights to Milo’s original furniture pieces is Thayer Coggin!

Milo & Thayer

This brand is so stunning, I find myself searching through their furniture forever. Not to mention reading on their business they created together just for pure inspiration. We truly cannot recommend Thayer Coggin enough… His styles are the first of its kind, and every piece they have is made-to-order. Phil Miller went into strong detail, during his presentation, about just how much delicacy and time they put into every single product- from the hand made materials to the original craftsmanship. You are paying for much more than a chair, sofa, end table, etc. You’re paying for the way furniture was meant to be made, with love and care and the ability to last a lifetime.

This is the ultimate underrated furniture company… So we compiled some of our favorite pieces from Thayer Coggin / Milo Baughman; take a look to get some fabulous inspiration!

1. Design Classic Loveseat // 2. Drop in Sofa (Milo) // 3. Decked Out Sofa

1. Colours Square Cocktail // 2. Export Round Cocktail // 3. Nikolas Kage Cocktail

1. T-Back Lounger (Milo) // 2. Reynolds Chair (Milo) // 3. Streamliner Chair (Milo)

1. Colours Buffet // 2. Olive Buffet (Milo) // 3. Swanky Sideboard (Milo) 

1. Curly Armless Dining (Milo) // 2. Design Classic Dining (Milo) // 3. Strappy Dining (Milo)

One of the things we love most about Thayer Coggin’s pieces (and that list is long) is that they can easily accommodate a much larger variety in regards to style than its own specific piece. There’s an endless array of textures and materials that are used in the process of making these stunning items. They can fit with mid-century, super modern, contemporary, art-deco, and even traditional with the right furniture. So go ahead and do yourself a favor, and look into buying one of their originally pieces of furniture!


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