Sustainable Building Materials You Should Consider

When building or remodeling a a new home is taking place, there are so many aspects to consider. The design process overall is extremely tedious. with countless steps. But when building and designing is beginning to take place, one of the things everyone should consider is using sustainable materials. From flooring to backsplash, we’re going to discuss some of the most eco-friendly choices to consider using when designing your home. It’s also important to look into the manufacturer’s construction process of the product to see if that is also done sustainably. Looking for wood that is FSC Certified is also extremely important!

Bamboo Flooring


This is a no-brainer in the list of the sustainable materials. Bamboo grows at an insane rate and is easily the most sustainable and natural option for any wood flooring. Cali Bamboo produces eco-engineered bamboo flooring to make it more durable than regular bamboo and also keep it environmentally conscious. This is a fantastic option for someone who loves the look and feel of hardwood floors. The wide-set planks gives it a stunning contemporary look compared to thinner planks that can make a home feel very outdated. Click the photos source link if you’re interested in a more extensive look into the details of the process.

Reclaimed Wood


Reclaimed wood has actually been the trend for a few years now with industrial styles and modern farmhouse being very popular. While these are not styles that we necessarily accommodate, there is something to be said about the sustainable aspects of using reclaimed wood in your home. Reclaimed wood is made from trees that were chopped down a long time ago, so instead of worrying over the deforestation that is occurring, this particular wood has already been available. It also gives a more rustic look to your home, so if this is a style that your prefer, then doing it in a eco-friendly way is surely the way to go.

Cement Floor Tiles


If you’re a reader of our blog, you know we talk about the benefits of cement tiles a lot! Cement is miracle material because not only is it completely sustainable, so is the process of creating it. It is also extremely durable, easy to clean, and can comes in endless designs and sizes. You can use it on the floor, as a backsplash, as a an accent wall, on an outdoor patio. Not to mention, these tiles are typically on the budget friendly-end.

Energy-Efficient Appliances and Plumbing

LG French Door WiFi Enabled Refrigerator 

Delta “Water Sense” Label Bathroom Faucet

Glacier Bay Dual Flush Toilet

Last but not nearly least, is energy-efficient appliances and plumbing. It’s important for all plumbing products to contain a Water Sense label given by the EPA. This is just the standard they use to say that this product using less water than the average. Look for toilets that are dual flush, faucets with the Water Sense label and appliances that are labeled as Energy Star. All in all this will save YOU money and do less harm to the environment.

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