Sherwin Williams Color of the Month: Distance

Sherwin Williams comes out with their specialized color of the month every. single. month. We love the concept just to see the direction that things are going in from time to time. The color they chose for March is called, “Distance.” It’s a very calming, cool blue shade that can work as neutral as a gray. And since gray is veering out lately, we love a good color like this. It’s strong enough to make a statement, but cool-toned enough to keep a space looking natural and not over-done. Sometimes when we use this theme, we come up with a ready-to-buy living space to coordinate with the paint color. Where as other times, like today, we find furniture and decor that match this color as best as possible.

“Distance” Colored Pieces

1. Luane Pillow // 2. Lumbar Pillow // 3. Idya Pillow // 4. Textured Table Lamp // 5. Cocktail Ottoman // 6. Taitum Chair // 7. Chaise Lounge // 8. Moroccan Tile Rug

 We found some pieces that represent the color “Distance” pretty well. Soft blues that can easily blend in as a neutral piece. This is definitely a perfect paint color for any room. A bright kitchen, a formal living room, or a cozy bedroom. It’s really a staple color that will always be on trend as long as everything else is updated. So to coordinate the color, we love those organic, patterned throw pillows because they show the range of “Distance” with cremes blended in. The rug is a similar concept with pops of the blue. This color is a classic and always works! Check out Sherwin William’s website to see their ideas for this paint color.

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