Sherwin William’s Color of the Month: Borscht

Sherwin Williams has announced their color of the month for March as a super jewel-toned Burgundy called “Borscht.” Personally it seems a little dark since spring is creeping up on us, but we have to admit what a stunning color it is. A statement furniture piece in this color might be just what we all need… To get into the mood, let’s look at some inspiration for this color. (courtesy of Pinterest– click that link to follow Paula Ables Interiors)


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After scrolling through some inspiration and collecting ideas, we’re really feeling this shade. The rooms that are darker and moody definitely give off some old-Hollywood vibes and feel super glamorous yet mysterious. Many times it can be intimidating to use such a dark wall color especially if it’s a small space and if the furniture is also dark… however, there are ways to do this eloquently! You can make it more eclectic (like the space with cobalt walls) and combine tons of texture and pattern on top of some more traditional pieces. OR you can keep everything modern and clean, like the first image with that green chair!

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1. Tufted Bedframe // 2. Abstract Art // 3. Lamp // 4. Throw Pillow // 5. Sheepskin Rug // 6. Tufted Sofa // 7. Armchair // 8. Patterned Rug // 9.Tufted Ottoman


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