Sherwin Williams Color of The Month: Decorous Amber

Aaaaaand Sherwin Williams has marked the beginning of April by announcing this month’s color! Named “Decorous Amber,” it’s a soft, jewel toned shade similar to one of our favorites- burnt orange. We know this color is not super popular in fabrics and especially paint color, however it is definitely one to be appreciated. A shade like this that is somewhat of a brown with orange undertones works really well with warm colors to compliment it. We added this color palette for inspiration on furniture and decor to use for the design that shows what potential it has since it is not a typical favorite.

The Design:

1. Art // 2. Art // 3. Chandelier // 4. Art // 5. Art // 6. Armchair // 7. Lamp // 8. Gold Side Table // 9. Sofa // 10. Blue Patterned Pillow // 11. Faux Hide Pillow // 12. Leather Bench // 13. Coffee Table // 14. Patterned Rug

The chosen sofa has a really deep back and lush seat pillows making it the perfect movie night lounger. And the color is spot on, just a few shades lighter than “Decorous Amber.” We tried to keep the overall mood of this space very airy with tons of color and texture, while still complimenting our paint color. Pulling in colors from the wood grain on the coffee table and some of the art pieces to match the “Decorous Amber” while also contrasting it with the emerald-blue armchair helps to complete the look matching our chosen color palette.

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