PAI visits the Monogram Design Center in Chicago

Recently we got the opportunity to fly up to the Monogram Design Center in Chicago. What’s Monogram you say? It’s a brand of high-end kitchen appliances that will leave your jaw dropping at their cool features. We were lucky enough to be totally spoiled on this trip by their knowledgeable staff and amazing in-house chef. We were NOT ready to return home to our now seemingly basic kitchens and have to cook for ourselves! See for yourself below to learn about some of your new must have kitchen appliances.

Monogram 36″ Induction Cooktop

Mongram cooktop

This baby really is the cooktop you’ve always dreamed of. Imagine perfectly fried eggs and rapidly boiling water. We don’t have time to hover over our stove all day, do you? If not this is what you need. Induction cooktops use magnetic currents to transfer energy and heat your food faster & more efficiently. This means that the only things it will heat up have to be made of ferromagnetic metals like your pots and pans. Feel free to remove the pot and put your hand right on the burner or even leave your cooking tools and towels on it! We did have to cook our lunch one day on this trip, but it was on this cooktop so I wasn’t complaining at all!

Monogram Hearth Oven

monogram pizza oven

Fresh, brick-oven style pizza without having to leave your house or order in. The Hearth Oven really is a show stopper! From perfectly crisp pizzas, to bread, to baked fish, who doesn’t need this at home? It features an integrated oven ventilation system so we aren’t all drooling at the smell of the pizza while we wait. The oven also has pre-programmed recipes, accessible in the built-in LED screen, so you don’t have to memorize dishes or break out a cookbook. It even uses WiFi and smart home connectivity…Alexa, cook my pizza!!

Mongram Advantium

Monogram oven

Think microwave + oven for this one. The Advantium can broil, bake, microwave, speed cook, toast, defrost, and warm. What more do you need? It uses convection, halogen, ceramic heaters, and traditional microwave energy to get dinner on the table faster than before. This guy can cook a whole chicken in about 20 minutes…plus no preheat necessary! It also has a rack inside so you can cook multiple dishes at once. No need to worry about smell or taste transfer between dishes either due to the internal convection fan. This one has pre-programmed recipes too and you can even store your own recipes! Can Monogram make life any easier?


Monogram building

The lovely & cloudy city of Chicago from the Monogram Design Center.

Chef Jon cooking our yummy lunch on the Induction Cooktop.

We got to have some fun with our Monogram group too…Cheers!

This trip to Chicago left us informed and inspired! How is your Kitchen looking currently? At Paula Ables Interiors we are ready to tackle your new Kitchen makeover! Click here for a complimentary clarity call or email and let us help you create your dream kitchen.

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