Our Favorite Under $50 Home Decor

Even if a designer completely renovates your home, a couple years down the road (or a couple hours, if you’re like us) you’re going to want to make slight switches here and there. Fashion, interior, & graphic design enthusiasts are all alike in this way- we constantly want to see new ideas! This doesn’t mean the entire style of your house must do so, but switching out your home decor every so often is a great way to feel like it’s a fresh space! And finding decor that’s trendy and in your budget can be a little more difficult than you’d imagine. You don’t want something that’s so cheap, it’ll be ruined by next season. And you also don’t want something so trendy, that you’ll hate it next season. This post is dedicated to all our “constant-need-for-change” people with some simple and super cute decorations to spruce up your stagnant home.

1. Gold Palm Porcelain Tray, $24

Palm leaves & banana tree prints inspired by the Beverly Hills Hotel have been everywhere since last summer. However, this tray is a much more modern and simplistic take on the classic design, with the dark brass and sharp palm leaf lines. Use this on a coffee table and stack some pretty books & a couple plants and you’re set for a new and improved space.

2. Rise & Fall Coat Rack, $49

When an item that has real purpose can also look like a piece of art on its own, you know it’s a good find. This would be gorgeous in an entry way, laundry room, or even a bedroom! Dress it up by hanging a vintage mirror and a painting beside it.

3. Parkay Hamper, $29

This zig-zag woven basket is the perfect accessory for large families. Sit two of these, side by side, under a tall console table for extra storage and style! It’s a perfect bin for hiding toys, movie blankets, or even your winter belongings. Items made for storage that double as beautiful decor are always your best bet.

4. James Collection LED Task Light, $28

You really have to give Target some credit these days. Their stuff has always been pretty good, but we’re seriously impressed lately at just how good their home decor/furniture has been. And we love this sleek, brass lighting. Remember, task lights don’t have to be used just for the home office. Place them on a credenza & lean a painting against the wall… that’s a good look.

5. Camel Bookends, $39

These bookends are just so cute, we couldn’t resist. But they’re not too cute, where they can only be used for a kids room. This set would look gorgeous on a tall etagere that’s filled with a number of other accessories, and of course- plenty of books.

6. Acropolis Coasters, $39

Statement coasters are such an easy way to add something special to your coffee table or bar table. It doesn’t get any more chic than white marble and gold leaf painted over the rough edges. Perfect for entertaining guests or when you’re simply lounging alone, these coasters will definitely standout.

 7. Cluster Pom Pom Pillow, $39

Like we mentioned in our blog post a couple weeks ago, switching out your pillows is one of the easiest and refreshing ways to subtly update your home. We love this one for the random pops of pom poms (which are also really trending, by the way), as well as the neutral tone and style that can work with almost any space.

8. Sunburst Wall Mirror, $33

We did in fact sneak another Target piece into this… I can’t help it! It has such a modern yet retro vibe, that it will definitely be a focal point in any room. Place this above a credenza or sofa to add some light and reflection to your home.

9. Baies Scented Candle, $34

If you haven’t had the pleasure of lighting & smelling one of these extremely sought after candles, you’re missing out. It seems like these are the only acceptable candles for a chic home nowadays! They’re typically pretty pricey, but you wont regret the fresh & fruity smell it’ll bring to your home. It doesn’t hurt that they look really, really nice.

10. Question of Eagles Planters, $35

You can never have too many plants in a home. Every room just needs some extra life in it, and even if it’s a little succulent like these, it will bring some happiness. These uniquely designed pots are absolutely adorable and come in a variety of different patterns and textures. Gather a few around for a nice array of something green!


Interested in doing something more than just a few updates? Give us a call! We’d love to help design your perfect home.

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