Our Favorite Middle Eastern Inspired Rugs

Many people use rugs to add some texture or create a plush place to step on when your home is full of hardwood flooring, some have more fun with them and layer them or even make a gorgeous rug the statement piece of a room. No matter what your reasoning behind it is, we can’t help but drool over a really good rug. We’ve mentioned Persian, Moroccan, Turkish, Indian… (this could go on forever) rugs and how to style them amongst many other styles. Check out our Bohemian Dining Room Inspiration & Bohemian Living Room Inspiration where we featured a few other great options!

Onto the List:

1. Urban Outfitters // 2. Anthropologie // 3. World Market // 4. West Elm // 5. Anthropologie //     6. Lulu & Georgia // 7. World Market // 8. Burke Decor // 9. World Market // 10. West Elm //        11. Lulu & Georgia // 12. Belacor // 13. Dash & Albert // 14. West Elm // 15. Dash & Albert

Now some of these are pretty darn close to an authentic, imported rug. However, even if they are “inspired” and not a super expensive vintage piece, they’re still great quality with extremely vivid colors which is the whole point of the various styles. Using such classic, bright rugs like these in combination with modern furnishings is a great way to break up those constructs a little bit and create more diversity which actually balances out the varying styles.

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