Extra Large Master Bedroom Chandelier Favorites

We’ve been seeing a lot of people stray away from extra large fixtures in the Master Bedroom lately. Because of the minimalists movement, it’s common to find a flushmount with a pair of sconces around the bed or between the doors. We’re here to tell you that is it not out of style to have an extravegant, statement chandelier in the bedroom! By incorporating the soft lines and textures, you can easily add a bit of romance to your bedroom. Allow the light fixture to take center stage above the bed- do not be afraid to go big! The scale is everything!

Our List:

1. Traditional Shaded Chandelier // 2. Soriano Chandelier // 3. Arteriors Antique Brass Chandelier

The more traditiojbal style of of chandeliers are shown here. The size of things make it a statement but they are still simple enough if you prefer your focal point to be elsewhere. We chose the antique Brass theme because it really goes with all styles and adds that extra umph that we all need in our homes.

4. White Del Chandelier // 5. Turquoise Glass Bead Chandelier // 6. Noir Domo Chandelier

We leave a good multi-tiered, beaded or woven Chandelier like these options! They add a little global theme with the texture variation and could be just what you need to liven up your space. The third option has a much more edgy feel to it so it could really extend to multiple styles in a bedroom.

7. Gabrielle Large Chandelier // 8. Nellcote Studio Chandelier // 9. Black Fabian Chandelier

Each of these fixtures are completely different style, yet they still have the same edgy design theme through the use of materials and color scheme. For high, arched celilings, the second option could be perfect. While the first option would coordinate well within a space withlower ceilings, for example.

10. Calypso Aged Brass Chandelier // 11. Annetta Globe Chandelier // 12. Orchard Chandelier

This globe trend has us feeling nostalgic yet fashion forward. They have made a remarkable comeback and these options are much different than the typical styles that we see a lot. Preferably, the third “orchard” one is such a creative design that was meant for a Master Bedroom! The first option is also a lovely look because it has more of the original, antique look to it without looking tack.


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