October Color Inspiration in Kyoto, Japan

It is finally October which means it’s time to get into the fall spirit! Picking out pumpkins, decorating the porch, finding creative ways to make food look terrifying. It also means that our color palette can officially change… Natural, jewel tones like emerald, plum, teal, Burgundy, burnt orange. We’re ready for warm textures and patterns that comfort us for the cooling weather.

We had to look to nature for our color inspiration since it truly is the best source of all beauty. Instead of the typical autumn shot of the East Coast or Rocky Mountains, we searched a little further… Kyoto, Japan. This country has some of the most stunning architecture in the perfect backdrop. Since Japan wanted to shelter themselves from the rest of the world for so long, they became known for their individual style in design, cuisine, fashion, and art. All countries have their crossovers of designs like Spain and Morocco or Italy and Greece. But Japan was so exclusive which resulted in architecture completely different from the rest of us. Ruby red is an extremely common color they use in their homes and we absolutely love how fitting it is for the fall, especially with this scheme.

As always, we formed this exuberant color palette using Sherwin William’s ColorSnap Visualizer! We’ve been a little Japanese kick recently, so if you’re interested in this topic check out last month’s color inspiration about Yayoi Kusama.

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  1. D Linsky

    What an inspiration! Thanks,now,off to buy new throw pillows

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