November Color Inspiration

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone! For November’s color inspiration, what better way to grab a bounty of colors than the most important part of thanksgiving (besides family) – the food! We found this mouth-watering photo on Martha Stewart’s website which is obviously full decidant and stunning ideas on holiday decorating and cooking.

Our Inspiration:

The best food spreads are the ones that have each color of the rainbow- this works for health reasons as well as purely aesthetic reasons! We usually take inspiration from the outdoors and places that remind us of Austin or the specific specific. But the idea of grabbing color inspiration from something we take for granted might be a new way to do this. Thanksgiving dinner also has the perfect combination of colors because we’re mixing fruit and meats and vegetables and nuts that all have the largest combinations of flavors and spices. We love the deep purples and reds (from cranberries and pomegranates) contrasting with shades of yellow and green (from vegetables and decorative leaves), especially against the neutral tones (from the meats and starches.)

Grabbing inspiration for your home, or even fashion, is so easy when you just open your eyes around you! Something as simple as the food we eat proves this theory… So start looking, take a few pics, and upload them onto Sherwin Williams Color Snap App for an easy way to find just the color you’re looking for. Then once you do, give us a call! We’d love to put your color inspo to good use and create the perfect space for you.

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