November Color Inspiration

November has officially started so shorter, colder days, and family holidays are on the rise! We’re really getting into the fall weather now and we wanted to grab some color inspiration for this month using nature once again. We could have done a pretty wild turkey or maybe a holiday feast… but recently we saw some photos in different types of ducks and were amazed by their beauty. The one that we were most drawn to are known as Mandarin Ducks.

Asian Symbolism

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We did a little research and it turns out that these ducks have really strong symbolism in different countries. Chinese, Japanese, and Korean culture believes these ducks are symbols of life-long fidelity. The female is the grey-brown one, and males have the stunning color and pattern. The represent ying & yang with their opposites attract appearance. They’re known as wedding symbol and can play a significant role in some of their weddings.


So obviously these ducks are absolutely stunning. There was a tweet that went around with something along the lines of “God just came out with his new fall collection” cleverly referring to this duck. The color scheme that comes from nature is always perfect. The heavy contrast of complimentary colors in the “Obstinate Orange” and the “Blueblood” are lined with white and black trim that highlight it so elegantly. A gorgeous jewel-toned color palette to fit in to the autumn season. And as always we created the color inspiration with the help of Sherwin Williams Color Visualizer.

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