Modern Lighting Roundup

Today we’re focusing all on lighting! Specifically built-ins like sconces & pendants. This is a great way to add more character to your home without messing with the actual structure itself. It can almost have the same effect as adding applied molding or replacing windows because these types of lights are actually connected to the walls and ceilings, unlike a piece of furniture or table lamp. Whether you need to slightly freshen up a space or are looking to do a full makeover (or are just looking for inspiration), these lighting choices will be a stunning introduction to modernizing your home.


With all the new evolving trends we’ve been seeing, we’ve noticed a few similar patterns:

-Gold and brass continue to be the favorite finish

-Round “bubble” type bulbs

-Shiny metallics

-Smooth, matte black

-Art Deco & Mid Century crossover

 1. Wayfair // 2. Jonathan Adler // 3. CB2 // 4. CB2 // 5. Wayfair // 6. Y Lighting  // 7. Y Lighting // 8. Design Within Reach // 9. Y Lighting // 10. West Elm // 11. Y Lighting // 12. Y Lighting // 13. Jonathan Adler // 14. Jonathan Adler // 15. Y Lighting // 16. Y Lighting // 17. Y Lighting // 18. CB2

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