Mix Patterns Like a Pro!

Mixing bold patterns and bright colors can be an intimidating task to the unfamiliar. There’s a lot of questioning and self-doubt that follows. For those looking to experiment with daring shapes and textures, we got a handle on it. An easy fix-up to your home is changing out the pillows seasonally. My mom always keeps extra throw pillows for the living rooms for her ever so often, “we need change.” So following that, we’ve put together some very simple ways to mix patterns & textures to create a well balanced space.

This is one of the easiest ways to mix patterns! All you have to do is find two, simply designed patterns. This can either mean they’re neutral, small-scaled, or monochromatic.

  1. Z Gallerie // 2.West Elm


Now we’re getting somewhere… this set has a lot going on but it works because of the obvious color scheme. Using different textures is the perfect way to add depth to your space, while also unifying it!

  1. Mitchell Gold & Bob Williams // 2. Mitchell Gold & Bob Williams // 3. Mitchell Gold & Bob Williams

This set is so bright and fun and it flows so nicely because we pulled a very small solor from the large pattern and used it in a small-scale geometric design.

  1. Anthropologie // 2. West Elm

If I’m allowed to pick favorites… this is it. The strong sense of movement in the large pattern somehow works with the bold leopard print, and the simple creme adds a soft texture that brings each piece together. (Once again, this is a perfect example because of the beautiful color scheme!)

  1. Anthropologie // 2. High Street Market // 3. Mitchell Gold & Bob Williams

These pillows work so well together because of the scene in the cheetah lumbar. The leaves gives a visual texture while the black-and-white striped set gives tangible texture.

  1. Anthropologie // 2. Anthropologie


Are you looking do a little more than just decorating? Give us a call! We’d love to help you add some eccentricity to your home. 


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