Eclectic Design: Mixing Antiques & Modern Pieces

Last week’s blog post focused on renovating or creating your own at home bar (you can read about it here) and there was a lot that we discussed with different styles and how to make it work for specific homes. Following that inspiration, we talked a lot about mixing an antique bar stand with some modern lighting, for example. So with that idea in mind, we thought that design aesthetic in itself was a great idea to talk about! Mixing traditional pieces with more modern ones to create an eclectic look!

Some Easy Tips:

-Modern art of an antique piece of furniture

-Traditional rug under a contemporary dining set

-Antique credenza with modern lighting

-Traditional sofa with modern armchair (in the same color scheme, similar texture, etc. to keep it cohesive)

-All of this can be switched vise-versa

Design 1:

The gorgeous vintage Louis XVI chest matches those gilt sconces with the black and gold keeping it fairly traditional. So we added a very contemporary, abstract painting that still fits well within the color scheme for the needed modern touch.

Design 2:

For a seating area we combined a very chic and modern blood-orange sofa with a Louis XVI style armchair. These two together cross paths because while the sofa is modern, it is in a traditional material of velvet. Similarly, the armchair is 19th century but the contrast from the deep wood with the white cloth shifts it slightly contemporary. Pairing these with a variety of art that sits well within the color scheme: an abstract painting with a traditional portrait with a modern landscape that is in gilt frame. The last one is the very piece that brings all the art together since it is such a cross-over in itself.

Design 3:

We combined a 19th century chest and a modern, leather armchair with thin, iron legs to create this eclectic look. The wallpaper from afar can be seen as pretty traditional, especially when it’s in an entire space. However, if you look at it in detail, it has a bit of a (necessary) modern twist. We added some lighting that can also fit into a variety of styles. And by keeping everything in the same neutral, soft-yellow color scheme, it really pulls it all together.

Design 4:

First off, let’s dare to put comfy seating in a dining room! Too many dining sets are hard seated chairs and not enough have that pouf that a bergere chair does. We balanced it with a traditional rug to add some more color. And the Scandinavian table with the modern accessories (white & pink) kind of create a very bohemian space that we love!


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  1. D Linsky

    Great ideas.We all have at least one piece of furniture,
    we inherited or found at a garage sale,that we love.

  2. Kate Zoss

    So cute! I’ve been looking for a traditional area rug that’s faded.


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