Mini Matches: Kitchen Counters & Backsplash

We haven’t talked about doing any real type of construction / remodel work in the last blogs, so we wanted to bring back a deeper look into the design world. We did a whole post on 5 different styles to go towards for remodeling a kitchen on a budget, full of light fixtures, bar stools, faucets, and a lot more. So for this we wanted to keep it simplified by just focusing on the counter top slabs and coordinating backsplashes. We’re calling this “Mini Match” which could be a new series showing pairs we love together. Comment on this post if you’d like to see more of that! Possibly doing nightstands and lamps, bathroom mirrors and sconces, something like that!

Kitchen Mini Matches:

1. Counter & Backsplash | 2. Counter & Backsplash | 3. Counter & Backsplash | 4. Counter & Backsplash | 5. Counter & Backsplash | 6. Counter & Backsplash | 7. Counter & Backsplash | 8. Counter & Backsplash

We went with a few different options from what is very popular lately, to a few designs to get out of your comfort zone. We have some classics like option #7 with a plain white quartz and bright cement tile backsplash. Whereas option #8 is a dark stone with gorgeous detailing but we still keep it simple with an off-white subway tile. We encourage you to try to do something different in the kitchen. Because while everyone is doing a white counter top with an extravagant backsplash, there are some really gorgeous stones out there that should be taking center stage as the actual counter top itself.

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