Kids Bedroom Mood Board

A stylish kid’s room?! Unfortunately this is a rare sighting, which is such a shame because bright colors, frilly accents, and lots & lots of pattern speaks volume in a great space. Children can have great taste, too, you know, and it’s about time we start showcasing that mindset in our own homes. It’s really quite funny to think of it this way, but “stylish children” are somehow a “trend”… Celebrities look like they just rolled out of bed nowadays, but their kids are frankly better dressed than me. It’s strange to think about, but we also kind of love the idea of children being cooler than us! Maybe because no mater what it is, it’s always cuter when it’s miniature.

Our Inspiration:

    A few things in May {Friday List}

Sara Sugarman Girls Nursery Emily Henderson

Interior design & architectural advisement by Chango & Co. Architecture by Thomas H Heine Architect PC Photography by Jacob Snavely    Truly cannot get over this awesome cactus wallpaper accent wall! |

Not so bad for a kid’s room, huh? Obviously a child’s room looking that spotless is virtually impossible- we know that. But think about after you enforce a “Cleaning Sunday” on the family, and it looked this good after? One of the reasons these rooms look so well cohesive is the wallpaper choices.

(Read about some of our favorite wallpaper trends here!)

Onto the mood boards…

Our Feminine Mood Board:

cover photo

Bed // Bedding // Bedside Table // Table Lamp // Hanging Chair // Wallpaper // Wall Art // Dresser // Kid’s Table // Rug

A space that’s dreamy yet fun is the perfect girly-girl’s bedroom! The bright white is so clean and airy, which will hopefully make it a lot easier to stay clean simply because you’ll really want it to. Bright pops of color are just what you need to keep it interesting while also allowing your daughter to fully grow into her space. This bedroom can work perfectly from the ages of 3-18; and as time goes on, simply switch out the youthful pieces for more mature ones!

Our Masculine Mood Board:

Bed // Bedding // Bedside Table // Table Lamp // Hanging Chair // Wallpaper // Wall Art // Dresser // Kid’s Table // Rug

Honestly, I’d take this bedroom look for myself! It’s not super masculine because remember: it is for a little boy. The shades of blue are what make this room so calming just to look at! This space is sweet & innocent and reminds us of a the classic, southern Cali vibe that we’re always so envious of. However, this space can also super easily transition into a teenager’s room by replacing certain pieces for ones more enjoyed by a young adult.

We hope this post was filled with enough inspiration to give you some interesting ideas! If you’re looking to do something more to your home, please give us a call! We’d love to help design a space especially made for you!

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