How to Work the Shearling Trend

While digging around the internet last week searching for new trends, we found a lot of innovative ideas. We focused on colors and materials that edged in during 2018 and decided if they’d still be lingering. In the process, there was one fabric that was everywhere yet it was still in the background: SHEARLING.

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This material has seen many days on various runways sporting new styles of jackets and coats, but recently we’re seeing it take over home furniture. It’s perfect during the fall and winter purely for its warmth. But we also love it for spring and fall because the light shades and fluffy texture create a clean, airy space.

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1. Texas Rover Humphrey Chair | 2. Pillow Cover | 3. Deco Wood Side Table with Built-In Ottoman | 4. Larchmont Chair | 5. Massoud Paz Chair | 6. Acrylic and Shearling Stool | 7. Vicente Sherpa Sofa

The difference between shearling and sherpa is that a shearling sheepskin is made from the skin of a lamb while keeping the wool side in tact. So it creates a soft leather or suede on one side with luxurious fur on the other. Sherpa, on the other hand, is a synthetic material made up of cotton, polyester, etc. to mimic the texture. But a reall good quality sherpa can withstand a lot and can sometimes even be easier to clean. Overall, we love the look of this material! It’s cozy and natural in an interior space and it really appeals to a lot of Scandinavian design trends.


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