How to House your Jewelry

With all the constant coming and going of jewelry trends, many people have a hard time finding where to store it all- not to mention not knowing how to de-clutter the pieces that won’t be worn again. It begins to pile up until you find yourself with heaps of organza bags that were once filled with Jordan almonds from your cousins’ weddings, which are now packed with pieces from your latest shopping binge. Or is that just my experience? Regardless, we all can agree that finding the proper organization to prevent dreaded jewelry knots and busted beads seem to be the most necessary after its too late. So, before you can figure out which type of storage is the best option for you, it’s extremely important to do some digging: throw away or donate all the jewelry that you keep saying, “Well, I’ll wear this when I can find the right dress neckline!” or “I just need to find the parts on Amazon to fix it.” If you haven’t done it by now, it’s time to move on. After you’re able to end up with a cleaned out selection, it’s usually a good idea split the high-end and low-end pieces. Family heirlooms vs. Forever 21. Once you lay it out, notice how much storage space you’ll need for your collection!

For Smaller Spaces:

1. Salmon Organized Tray // 2. Monogrammed Acrylic-Mirror Tray // 3. Orange Leather Catchall // 4. Blush Glass Catchall // 5. Large Turquoise Organizer

Trays are a really easy way to collect a few of your daily worn pieces, or if you don’t have that man and you want a simple, sleek look rather than a bulky jewelry box. With that being said, we do have two options that have organizing boundaries to help keep everything in their own specific spot, but without a lid making it feel a bit more casual.

To Show it Off:

 1. Earring Stand // 2. Ring Holder // 3. Wall Hung Mirror with Storage // 4. Necklace & Bracelet Hanger // 5. Monogrammed Lacquer Jewelry Stand

One of the perks of these displays is that tangling up necklace and bracelet chains is virtually impossible! You can organize at ease without worrying about pieces getting buried underneath each other while also having your most stunning jewelry up on display.

For Large Storage:

1. Taupe Leather Jewelry Box // 2. Lacquer Jewelry Box // 3. Ice-Blue Pebbled Leather // 4. Monogrammed Watch and Jewelry Case // 5. Rose Gold Tarnish-Preventing Jewelry Box

The classic jewelry box! All of these come in varying colors and individual storage needs. Number 4 is mostly for watches with some space for earrings and rings… Number 1 has a section for placing charms… and Number 3 has just about every need met, including a lock & key.

For Traveling:

1. Monogrammed Leather Square Case // 2. Lightweight Travel Roll // 3. Monogrammed Leather Case with Drawstring Bag // 4. Round Button Strap Jewelry Case // 5. Travel Jewelry Roll

Forget your home jewelry storage, traveling with jewelry is usually a nightmare! It is so difficult to prevent them from tangling and even getting lost. Number is a better option for solid pieces and less chains (even though the box itself is gorgeous!) whereas Number 1 has some more protective compartments for smaller, possibly more valuable items.


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