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We stumbled upon this amazing Hong Kong based apartment that is owned by the creators of Lim + Lu on Domino’s website. They recently relocated the company to Hong Kong from New York and moved into a home that had been in Vincent Lim’s family for generations. However they wanted to completely revamp the place and make it perfectly their own. Sectioned off rooms with glass & metal framed sliding doors, streamlines, pastels, and an overall airy, fresh feel to the entire apartment is how they achieved their ideal space. They designed their home to fit their needs by having multi-functional work and lounge spaces that is geared specifically towards their needs. This home is also used almost as a showroom for some of their newest collections- how chic is that?

You can buy their furniture here: Sectional // Daybed // Coffee Table

The owners moved into their home first without any furniture and slowly added piece by piece after figuring out what best met their needs, which is really such a smart way to go after a design process if you’re able to. The white walls combined with the white curtains combined with the natural light combined with the pastels… it creates such an inviting space that is not over cluttered and has the potential for amazing design inspiration. (Which is perfect for a dream team like Lim + Lu.)

The patterned cement tile adds some more life to the space and even though the colors do not match the rest of the furniture perfectly, it works eloquently. I think sometimes gold hardware can be a little overbearing- but in this home the gold backing on the seating, the lighting, and the vase have taken center stage by easily reflecting patterns and colors around the home.

The kitchen really contrasts with the rest of the home with its white negative space. The dining chairs, gold table legs, and patterned tile still keeps it cohesive especially with the private dining/work room in the image above. (Also we couldn’t help but mention the original Andy Warhol artwork that sits above the dining table- how cool?!)

You can buy their collection here: Lunar Mirror

We really love everything about this bathroom. The gold hardware is apparent again, but this space is much darker and reclusive than the other rooms in the home. A great balance in the apartment for possibly the most private room in a home. Plus how can you not love a good quality, black marble vanity?

Now it’s time for some closet envy… The details are what really makes this whole home work, just look at the way the curtains are built into that fascia & soffit of the closet. There’s so many colors and patterns that are thrown around, yet they are all so cohesive and flow through the entire apartment. From the patterned tiles – pastel pink – gold hardware – pops of richer tones –  the stunning light fixture… this is my dream closet.

One of the most interesting parts about Lim + Lu’s home is that their bedroom is the simplest and most downplayed of them all. It’s still airy and fresh from the white walls and the high curtains. The contrast from the black bathroom to the natural textures of the bedroom make it all the more comforting. This bedroom is the definition of Zen.


We hope this post was filled with enough inspiration to give you some interesting ideas! If you’re looking to do something more to your home, please give us a call! We’d love to help design a space especially made for you!

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