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Christmas is right around the corner! A lot of people are just now getting their gift shopping done this week, especially over the weekend. And it can be really hard to find gifts for people other than your children who create long lists for you. So we created a guided gift selection that can cater to your loved one’s needs. From skin care to technology, we’ve got you covered. There is feminine oriented, however there are many items in this list that are unisex and can be great as a house warming gift along with items that are a little more personal.

For the Decorator:

1. Bubbly Candle | 2. Woven Tray Set | 3. Architecture of Cocktail Book | 4. The Finer Things Book | 5. Stacked Planter | 6. White Faux Fur Throw

These are easy gifts for someone who needs a little sprucing up in their home without actually purchasing full furniture pieces for them. Furry blankets and Champagne candles are always a great option for someone if you have no idea what they would want. We love the coffee table book selection; perfect for someone who is into art and details in their home.

For the Chef:

1. Textured Coffee Mugs | 2. Marble & Brass Cake Stand | 3. Five-Piece Decanter Set | 4. Bar Tool Set | 5. Le Creuset Dutch Oven

Whether you’re shopping for a baker, coffee drinker, or bartender, we’ve got you covered in this selection. The brass bar tools are a perfect accessory to any home! And we absolutely love those vintage-inspired cocktail glasses with the matching decanter. Dutch ovens are such a staple in family cooking, so for someone who loves to cook big, hearty meals, this is a great investment.

For the Beauty Guru:

1. Jade Face Roller & Gua Sha Set | 2. Amazing Grace Perfume | 3. Professional Styling Wand | 4. Trish McEvoy Skin Collection | 5. Sephora Charcoal Brush Set

For the glamorous lady in your life, all of these gifts are exceptional. The Trish McEvoy collection is a great gift set because it comes with so many pieces that anyone would love- sheet masks, exfoliators, serums, peels… and they all come in a cute bag that can last. The jade face roller and gua sha tool have been on trend lately that’s origins come from ancient Chinese beauty treatments- it is a great gift for someone who is looking for new skin remedies.

1. Google Home | 2. iPhone Case | 3. AirPods | 4. Vintage Camera | 5. iPad Pro

Tech accessories are always a good idea in this modern day and age. Phone cases and earbuds are a must for anyone who works out or travels. And for something a little more personal, you can always go with a classic Polaroid camera to make any event a little more fun.


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