Holiday Gift Guide 2017

Happy December! This really is the best time of the year with all of the gorgeous decorations, decadent food, and quality family time. With Halloween and Thanksgiving just passed, we’re finally getting to the one we’re really all waiting for- Christmas! We think it’s safe to say everyone’s favorite part, though they might not admit it, is the gifts! Finding the perfect gift for your in-laws, nieces and nephews, cousins & spouses- it can get a little crazy. Which is why we’ve put together a list of fabulous gifts for your home to get some ideas maybe on what to get a loved one or even something that you might like to add to your own gift list.

1. KitchenAid Mixer

The perfect gift for someone who loves to bake, or even someone who just likes to have pretty supplies just laying around their kitchen. This mixer is probably the best on the market, and it comes in enough colors to stylize and match any kitchen.

2. Slim Aarons Photography

Slim Aarons was an amazing photographer known for saying, “I photograph beautiful people, doing beautiful things, in beautiful places.” Majority of his prints were not even staged, but they each have vibrant colors and display symmetry so well.

3. William Sonoma Dish Towels

Classic looking + absorbent. What more do you need for your dish towels?

4. Antique Brass Decanter

For the person who loves to throw a party- get them a gorgeous decanter. We love the little spider on top with the brushed brass creating a vintage look.

5. Gold Candle Holders

Candles are always a good gift when you’re just not sure what to get someone. Take a pass on getting an overly strong Bath & Body Works candle and get something that’ll actually last and look like real home decor.

6. Hands Incense Holder

Another good option for someone who loves to have their home smelling nostalgic like a Catholic Church. Even if it doesn’t fulfill its proper use with incense, it will still be looking stellar on a bedside table without it.

7. Rattan Tray

Ideal for someone who enjoys entertaining, needs a border for all their coffee table decor, or someone who loves breakfast in bed!

8. Gold & Black Wall Sconce

Now lighting can be a tricky gift for someone you’re not as close with or if you don’t know their particular style. However, from one design enthusiast to another- this can be a great gift.

9. & 10. Throw Pillows

These are great for a young college student who may need some help sprucing up their first apartment!

11. & 12. Fancy Coffee Table Books

Now, these are on my wishlist. Ideal for your super artistic, fashion loving, photography taking friend. #11 is full of Andy Warhol prints and #12 is inspiration from Fendi.

13. Faux Fur Throw Blanket

This is a perfect gift for literally anyone you know, it doesn’t matter the age or gender. How can you not love a super soft blanket during the holiday season?

14. Eames Lounge Chair

Now this is for someone truly special… someone who can really appreciate the design of Herman Miller and Ray Eames. They’ll be passing this chair on for generations.

15. Woven Baskets

Ideal for mothers of young children, high school/ college students, etc. Anyone who has a lot of little belongings and needs a pretty place to hide it all.


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