Grammy’s Looks with Coordinating Furniture

The Grammy’s always has amazing performances, surprising awards, and heart-worthy speeches. But the biggest thing we look forward to, as with all award shows, is the red carpet. Taking a look at all the designer dresses, best dressed suits, and playful styles that excite us every year has got the be the best part. Immediately when eyeing some of the gorgeous gowns, an idea came to mind: that material would look great on an upholstered bench. Finding the relationship between fashion and interior design makes things so much more interesting, so we’re excited to bring you an innovative idea when looking at the red carpet pre-show.

Lady Gaga

Chandelier | Curved Sofa

Lady Gaga took on a more mature look at the Grammy’s this year, in honor of her acting career really taking off from A Star is Born. We absolutely loved this shimmery gown, so for furniture design we found a shiny, silver-y, velvet sofa with a strong curve that reminds us of that large bow on her left side. And a really unique chandelier that that has a shade range of grays to purple.

Miley Cyrus

Bauhaus ChairLeather Sofa

Miley rocked a more sophisticated look as well in a unique take on suit blazer. We found a strong coordination in the cropped, flared pants with the arches on the leather sofa. The cut of the blazer wrapping tightly around her waist, yet fitting loosely on her her chest and arms emphasizes the curves shown on that curved chair.

Bebe Rexha

Console TableVelvet Sofa

Bebe Rexha looked breathtaking in this Valentine’s Day inspired Monsoori gown. The massive tiered ruffles makes it classic yet undeniably fun. W were inspired by this to find furniture that has a lot of dimension to it (and is also of course red) The console table found is really fascinating, seemingly like coral underwater with a lot of movement. And the velvet sofa has those strong lines that feel like a more defined ruffle when compared to the gown.

Janelle Monáe

Chandelier | Burgundy Chairs

Janelle’s dress is a highly strutted piece of art. The soft, free-flowing fabric reminded us slightly of feathers so we drew in some inspiration from that for the chandelier. The Burgundy outline to show her figure as well as accentuate the shoulders gave us the idea for the color as well as finding something very structured and strong, which is how we found these gorgeous, modern lounge chairs.

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    what a fun idea! I am in love with the curved sofa,with the Celine gown.

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