Five Ways to Freshen Up Your Home For Summer

Summer is just barely around the corner, and we can definitely feel the heat coming. And with every new season, it always feels good to freshen up your home. A good spring cleaning is necessary, and a few key pieces to make your home ready for holiday. We’re discussing easy and affordable ways to make your home welcome to the barbecues, longer days, and plenty of sun.

1. Bring in Plants! (Even faux ones)

First let’s say, if you haven’t read our blog discussing the benefits of specific indoor plants check it out here! Boston ferns specifically are great at purifying the air around you. However, a lot of us are not fortune enough to have a green thumb. SO faux plants are definitely an option, as long as they’re good quality. While they don’t reap in any of the real benefits, the indoor jungle experience is one of the hottest trends.

2. Change Your Linens!

A popular interior change people do during the colder months is switching their normal sheets for flannel sheets to absorb more heat. In contrast, a good linen set is absolutely amazing in the warmer months to keep your bed cold and fresh when you sleep.

3. Add an Outdoor Rug to Your Patio!

A graphic outdoor rug is a great way to make your patio feel more cozy. Especially if you don’t want to spend that much on an entire furniture set, you can add a few fun chairs, a side table, and the rug  and you have a great outdoor hangout space.

4. Outdoor Hanging Lights!

Everyone loves good ambient lighting, especially when it’s in an outdoor space! This is one of the cheapest things you can do to really make a difference in your backyard or your front porch too! When you’re spending longer nights outdoors, try hanging lights instead of the usually awful wall lighting a lot of us have mounted.

5. Color Changing Glow Pool Balls

Fun pool accessories are a must for the summer. We love all the new, cute floaties that we see on Instagram nowadays. And something cooler than just a floatie, are these color changing light up floating balls! They are perfect in summer nights whether it’s just your family, or for a major event!


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