Fine China Refresher for the Holidays

Even though you’re not really supposed to say it, all engaged woman look forward receiving items from their wedding registry once they’re engaged. You either get fine china passed down to you from generations of family meals… or you prefer something new and modern to fit with the style of your home. No matter which direction you choose, at one point or another, the china you were dying to have on your registry 10 years ago, is now a little dated. But you keep using it for Thanksgiving, Christmas, and Easter on rotation. For some reason, this seems to be the one part of the kitchen and dining experience that people don’t ever replace no matter how old or outdated they may be.

We here to change that mindset. One way to think about it is that it’s always nice to have a second set of fine china. You can have another option to pass down to your children, or in case a few pieces start chipping away you can easily pull out the fresh set. Not only that, but it’s your home! Especially if you seem to fill the role of host for every holiday, this something that will make a difference. Do yourself a favor, and find a new set of china.

Option 1:

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When shopping for a china set, it’s important to make sure you’re getting the highest quality. This set is bone china, one of the finest types of porcelain that is infused with real bone for extra durability. We love this pattern because it’s sweet and whimsical but has a bit of a modern feel compared to the classic blue, oriental designs that are very traditional.

Option 2:

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This set is also bone china, so you can be sure its strength will hold up. This baroque pattern with a stark black-gold contrast definitely stands out from what most people have in their china cabinets.

Option 3:

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This Vera Wang collection is stunning is such a classic, chic way. This bone china set has a gilded relaxed weaving technique around the edges. It’s not too structured- if you look closely, you can see the lines are not perfectly straight. We love this idea to make it a little less formal while still being extremely elegant.

Option 4:

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Made in France, this porcelain china set captures French designs inspired by the 19th century. While more on the traditional side, the turquoise gives such a pigmented color that we couldn’t stay away. We love the contrast against the yellow-gold creating a really refined, sophisticated look.

Option 5:

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For someone who loves color and prefers florals, this imported fine bone china set is stunning. That deep cobalt blue has the ability to create such a strong statement on the dining table, it won’t even matter if you burnt the sweet potatoes. The hibiscus pattern has a lot of negative space that help to keep light in contrast with the heavy blue lining.

Option 6:

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This might be our favorite of the selection… This Art Nouveau inspired porcelain china set (made in France!) has such an esteemed quality to it. It is classic yet modern and neutral yet bright. We love the thin lines of contrast with gilded edges against the light blue-grey. It’s to die for.

Option 7:

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We love a good china set that illustrates a story line. This Tobacco Leaf design is “one of the most prized Chinese Export patterns”, developed circa 1780. There’s a flowering Nicotiana plant with a small phoenix perched on a a leaf. The storytelling capabilities in china sets are apart of what makes them so meaningful when you pass them down.

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