Father’s Day Gift Guide

It’s that time of year again where we thank our fathers, uncles, and brothers for being great men in our lives! Shopping for men can be pretty difficult for most women… most guys are pretty simple in terms of materialistic items. But every man wants to receive a great gift that he will actually be able to use regularly, and that’s why we put together this list of essentials! For a dad who loves the outdoors, or is very particular about coffee or beer, or everything in between- these are upgraded necessities for a man’s every day lifestyle.

1. Chanel Bleu

Possibly one of the best smelling colognes… ever. It’s smooth with woodsy and grapefruit aromas leaving a natural but strong scent.

2. Fitbit

This is always an easy gift for a loved one who enjoys working out and may need an extra push to see how much exercise they’re actually getting done.

3. Wet Shaving Kit

For an old-school type of dad that loves especially curated products… this is the type of gift for him.

4. Classic Ray Bans

Another great go-to: sunglasses! Ray Bans have proved they’ll never get out of style, and they are easily loved by virtually everyone.

5. Monogrammed Leather Catchall

While it may seem like a somewhat “boring” gift, this is extremely useful! For the father that spends a lot of time at his desk, he needs proper (stylish) organization.

6. Jo Malone Scent Diffuser

Lime, basil, and mandarin- their signature fragrance! One of the best candle brands on the market displayed in a modern and masculine canister.

7. Leather Watch Travel Roll

Inspired by leather baseball gloves, this specially cured leather gets softer and suppler over time and use. The components make it ideal for a father who travels regularly.

8. Modern Indoor Greenhouse

For a father on a health kick or who can’t afford money/time into an outdoor garden, create your own mini garden inside! With a gold frame, integrated timed lighting, and moisture containing walls, this thing is fulfills form and function!

9. Personalized 5-Piece Decanter Set

Anything personalized is a special gift that feels made for that person! For a dad who loves showing off his liquor or hosting parties, this five-piece set is a great gift option!

10. Mini Portable Espresso Maker

This matte black, portable espresso maker is a super modern take on the traditional machines- not to mention it’s portable! Perfect for road trips or dads who travel and can’t stand hotel coffee.

11. Crosley Turntable Speakers Entertainment

This mid-century entertainment center is definitely a party starter. For anyone who has a strong love for vinyls and vintage vibes, this turntable will be greatly appreciated.

12. Personalized Beer Growler

For the dad that loves IPA’s and special, local beers, a beer growler is probably on his list already. It’s designed to keep beer, champagne, and other sparkling drinks carbonated for up to two whole weeks!

13. Portable, Water-Resistant Bose Speakers

Just in time for summer! This durable, water-resistant, portable speaker is a necessity this time of the year for lake days or lounging by the pool.

14. Master Grill Set

Any dad who loves to grill will be thrilled to receive a brand new, personalized grilling set just for them!

15. Nest Video Doorbell

Perfect for a (slightly) over-protective father, this doorbell is motion censored 24/7 and can live stream to any phone or computer to feel ensure your safety.

16. Patagonia 30L Backpack

Whether he loves to hike, or just likes to look like he does, it’s fair to say that most men drool over Patagonia products. This extremely durable, water-repellent backpack is the perfect size for a daily commute or for traveling the world.

17. Tundra Yeti Cooler

This newly designed Yeti cooler is built slimmer but with added height. Perfect for stacking meats and drinks with a thick layer of ice on the bottom and top.


If you’e looking for more similar to this, simply type in “gift guide” into our search bar to find more fun gift ideas! And be sure to give us a call if you’re looking to do some more extensive renovations!

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