Dorm Daze

Dorm living has a fluster of emotions and responsibilities. Living in a cramped 15×15 room with another person you’ve probably never met, combining your sleep, study, and dining all in one space? Sounds a little miserable. BUT, it can be accomplished and there’s a lot of ways to make it much simpler for yourself. Because the space is so little, it’s really easy for everything to become a big mess. The best way to prevent that from happening is by pre-organizing spaces made for specific needs. When every item has a place it belongs, it is a heck of a lot easier to clean up. You’re also really going to be wishing you brought those couple memorable pieces that remind you of your home and family. You’ll be thankful to have your favorite pillow and picture frames of loved ones from your hometown. Your dorm shopping goal should be to have a storage container for virtually everything you’ll bring, as well as little ways to bring a homey vibe to your new home.

1. Clothing Storage:

1. PBTeen // 2. Serena & Lily // 3. Container Store

Even in in the teeniest, tiniest dorm it is pretty  to fit almost all your clothes from back home- IF you have proper places to store. The mesh bins (3) are perfect because you can fit it inside even the smallest closets. Even the top shelf can be used for stacking shoes, belts, or other accessories. And the trunk (1) is perfect for storing away winter items, blankets, coats, etc.

2. Kitchen Storage:

1. Container Store // 2. Crate & Barrel // 3. PBTeen

These are the basics for easily attaining what will feel like a real kitchen! We love #3 because it’s a fridge stand with wheel & drawers- making it really multi-functional! The dish rack is also a must… Without one of these, you’ll be finding crusted over dishes for the rest of the school year.

3. Desk Storage & Decor:

1. Burke Decor // 2. West Elm // 3. Serena & Lily // 4. Domino

Even though it’s just a dorm, it doesn’t need to feel like one. Glam up the space with your own desk chair and super luxe desk accessories. If you’re stuck using the beaten up chair that you’re provided, you can easily transform it by throwing a furry sheepskin rug (4) over it!

4. Vanity Storage & Decor:

1. Jonathan Adler // 2. West Elm // 3. Container Store

Organizing your makeup, lotions, perfumes and jewelry is definitely the most sophisticated when it’s all laid out in little trays. If you can designate one, small space of your dorm to be where you do your makeup/hair as well as take all of that off- you’ll be feeling much more confident in yourself whenever it’s time to get (un)ready.


5. Bathroom Storage & Decor:

1. Urban Outfitters // 2. Williams Sonoma // 3. Williams Sonoma // 4. PBTeen

If you’re like the majority of college freshman and have to use a communal bathroom, then these items are going to be so necessary; especially #2 and #4! A robe and a caddy is a must when you’re running down the halls for a shower. And the other items will make you feel a little more at home when getting ready for bed.

We hope this guide helps to give you an idea of what will make your dorm living an easy adjustment! Are you interested in doing anything more than dorm shopping? Give us a call! We’d love to help design your perfect home!

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