Dining Rooms in Five Styles

Whether you have a breakfast nook and a formal dining space, or just one to do both jobs, the dining room is a major source of gathering for most families. It’s definitely a multi purpose space… used as a spot to do homework, carve pumpkins, dye Easter eggs, quickly eat breakfast before heading to work, and stuff your mouth and sit for hours with family you only see on holidays. These styles we designed work exquisitely for a formal dining room, which is usually sadly underused. But if the space of your one dining area can fit a credenza or cabinet, then this would work equally as well.

Cabinet // Table // Chairs // Lighting

Rustic styles are not for everyone, so we gave the traditional farmhouse look a bit of a twist by adding industrial materials. Combining woods and dark metals is a great way to modernize this style.


Cabinet // Table // Chairs // Lighting

Bring the cute bistro from the new, cool part of town into your home! The one-of-a-kind Wishbone chairs have a low-key elegance to them that makes it feel like a really home-y bistro, especially next to that open cabinet (with a marble counter top!)


Credenza // Table // Chairs // Lighting

This definitely leans more towards the formal end, and we love it! These streamlined pieces all have natural materials with pops of brass to add some extra glamour. And the symmetrical bubble chandelier pulls it all together by contrasting the shapes.


Credenza // Table // Chairs // Lighting

A bright & airy, mid-century dining space that makes you reminisce to 50’s & 60’s socialites sitting poolside in Palm Springs as if you were there. Most mid-century pieces that are on trend are the classic, wooden, basic shaped collections that will obviously never get out of style. But why don’t we bring back the colorful and creative designs from that time period too?


Bar // Table // Chairs // Lighting

A newer kind of “made-up” style that were seeing these days is what some call “Bohemian Regency.” Combining traditionally natural materials and soft, colorful fabrics with pops of gold and glamour.


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