Designing for the Future: Trends We Need to Consider Now

In my Intro to Interior Design class in college, I learned that as the economy changes, so do fashion and interior design trends. Of course as we discussed this topic, it made perfect sense because we’re simply accommodating to our surroundings. However, it never crossed my mind (before this class) that such UN-artistic ideas and qualities, actually have a huge effect on our industry. Things like military & war, national cash flow, or even a revolution are actually completely in co-ordinance with the way we dress our bodies and homes. For instance, look at the 80’s- it was a time of great affluence, high stocks, and some of the newest technological advancements. Now compare that to the style of the time… the bigger the better!! It was a constant array of layers and patterns and textures and colors and just so much of everything all at once!

This ideology can be proven for every era if you look at it from that perspective. One of our favorite examples of this is the movement from the 60’s that flowed into the 70’s. This era proved to become a more casually social era after feminism, civil activism, and even drugs & rock-n-roll become mainstream. These shift changes are evident in the increased popularity of “pits” in homes. These sunken living rooms are cozy, intimate and perfect for a party.

Cozy, reclusive and aesthetic, the sunken living room conversation pit can become a snazzy addition that adds to the appeal of your living room

So what’s new? What will be changing in the upcoming years in terms of style and trends based on our economy and pure mindset? We think, right now, that the major divide in our country definitely shows some fluctuation. The United States has always held individuality to a high standard, and that’s what we will be seeing. More and more people focus on what works best for them in their house; custom furniture because you need a deep sofa to watch movies, or laundry room that double as a Martha Stewart craft room. Styles that are geared towards your family’s specific needs rather than what your neighbors are doing are in fact the trend! Gone are the days of questioning what you’ll do with that spare room because you already have something in mind along with people that can help you design & build a space that caters to your unique desires. Isn’t that what the American Dream is all about anyway?

Custom Closets:

Your walk in closet can be your dream closet with custom touches // closet designCloset Organization construction2style featured favorites home interior designers with Lark & Linen

Custom Bathrooms:

interesting ideas: cabinet above wall mount toilet, hinged door between toilet/shower, half-wall sized mirror on side wall expands the space    Sliding Shelves and Hamper De-clutter Bathroom Space

Custom Kitchens:

spice rack by the stove #organization #kitchen     leicht_kuhn_41-681x1024

Now we’re curious what y’all believe are the trends we should be considering now, because there is always need for a little improvement. Let us know in the comments what you think are some of the biggest changes that we’ll see in the next few years!

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