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There have been a ton of different types of “home design” apps. Some are strictly floor plans, some can be renderings where you just pick out furniture and I’ve played all of them over the years! They can range greatly in graphics and the amount of activities you can actually do on the app. But the one we’re talking about today, “Design Home,” definitely takes the cake and we’re going to tell you why.

What is it?

While this is a “home design” app, it’s really an interactive game with people all over the world. You start off with a good amount of currency to purchase different products as well as a basic room to design for your first try. After that, you receive different challenges… They have a fun description of what the “homeowner” is looking for and even include the location from any city in the world. You have to meet certain requirements for each project, for example: “Three gold items” … “A modern ottoman” … “Two West Elm items.”

How does it work?

Once you complete all of the requirements, you submit your design to be voted by everyone on the app. Everyone has to vote between two designs for a few rounds in order to receive “keys.” You then pay with keys to submit each design of your own. So it’s one big circle of designs and voting and winning products to use for future designs.

Why do we love it?

This app has gained a lot of traction, and I think for a few reasons. There are constantly different layouts and challenges to choose from- about ten a day so it never gets boring. The graphics are done extremely well and placing furniture at any angle looks so realistic- just look at these designs! And one of the most intriguing things about it is that all of the furniture, lighting, and rugs come from real companies and show the real price! Design Within ReachWest ElmSerena and LilyWorlds Away are just a few of the many, many companies that include their products on this app. There’s an option to shop through the app with the products you use for the game.

Why should you get it?

You can even hook it up to your Facebook account and “borrow” pieces from your friends to use for your own designs, as well as see their creations and ratings that come along with it! This app is completely free- unless you’re one of the many who get in deep and feel the need to pay for more money to buy furniture and fun pieces to enter the challenges. It is a highly addicting game for anyone who has even the slightest interest in design and style, and one that we definitely recommend!

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    I’ve never been a gamer,but this may well be the start of an addiction!

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