Decorating for the Fourth of July

YAY! The 4th of July is tomorrow and we are so excited to have a day off popping some fireworks and hanging out at the lake with our families 🙂 Whatever your plans are, you may still have some decorating purchases to make… Lucky for you we created an easy guide for hosting this year’s Independence Day party. Whether it’s a small family barbecue or the whole neighborhood is invited, these items can work on any scale. From table set ups to outdoor games, we have it covered.

Holiday Decor Guide:

1. Star Banners / Garland

These adorable red, white, and blue stars are a simple decoration that will add a lot of festivity to your venue. They can be hung horizontally like a banner or pinned from the top and lay it vertically to create a wall of stars! Pro tip: The stars hung vertically would make an excellent photo op!

2. Star Balloons & USA Balloons

Balloons are always perfect for a party! The USA one could stand in front of a wall of the star garland to enhance that photo op… The star balloons are full of extra pride on this holiday and could look really cool floating under umbrellas above a table or even layered in some bushes/foliage for a different look.

3. White Linen Table Cloth

Everyone should own at least one white, linen table cloth. It is so necessary for hosting events because it prevents damage to the table, it’s easy to clean, reusable, and it can make the space feel more upscale than it really is!

4. American Flag Table Runner

A perfect accent to lay on top of the white linen table cloth, this ties in all of the colors and bring a little more patriotism to the event all together!

5. Blue Border Woven Placemat

Most people have their good china that is saved for hosting the religious holidays and a lot prefer to use paper or plastic for things like Fourth of July. No matter which style you go with, as long as it fits into the color scheme, these summery placemats definitely enhance the table set.

6. Red Gingham Napkins

This is almost another staple, it gives the feeling of a outdoor picnic from a movie and the color is perfect for this holiday! Fabric napkins are great for parties (and honestly, we should encourage it more for everyday use) because they’re so easy to clean, they just feel nicer, and they environmentally conscious!

7. Red & White Striped Straws

Another cute, typical party favor that screams America for matching with the theme and being reminiscent of 50’s style consumerism, in the nicest way possible.

8. Blue Checkered Drink Dispenser

Drink dispensers are always a huge hit at parties… they just add a certain vibe to the environment that feels personal yet a little formal. Whether you’re getting Mexican food catered or grilling your own BBQ. A drink dispenser (that matches the color scheme & style) is a great touch!

9. Red, White & Blue Pom Poms

We love these for literally ANY themed party. It’s weird how something so cheap and easily DIY’d look so effortlessly elegant and fun when hosting a party. We mentioned this in our Cinco de Mayo post where we discussed how they can be either strung to be hung up or laid out flat on a center table, like we did here. Pro tip: Buy all the supplies to make your own (tissue paper, scissors, and string) and have all the kids join in to make their own!

10. American Striped Corn Hole Game & Badminton Set

Outdoor games are a must for a Fourth of July party, especially if you don’t have a pool or another type of water activity. Cornhole is always easy and fun for people of all ages; even badminton is so simple in the fact that you can kind of get away of not having a real net. And do not forget to purchase enough fireworks for everyone to celebrate!


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