December Color Palette Inspiration

Merry Christmas! It is not too often that a blog falls on actual holiday. Last week we creative a fun gift lift catered to different people. If you didn’t see that, click the link here to find some gift options that maybe you’d like for yourself with all the gift cards you received. But for today’s post, we did another color inspiration. Each month, we love using a stunning photo from nature to draw in inspiration for a new color palette. While trying to think outside the box for something that captures this season’s spirit, we came across a gorgeous photo of a frozen lake with an even more breathtaking skyline.

Color Inspiration:

This is something we do not see in Austin… In fact, many of us actually go boating in the winter time here, while wearing our coats and not jumping in of course. But we love that effect the frozen lake gives with all the detailed layers. The color palette we created from this isn’t really typical for winter, but it is so calming and natural we love it. It comes straight from the art we find within nature. Contrasting shades of blue with pastel oranges make such a complimentary color palette, it is always a classic. We especially love the lavender shades to cool it down. And the way that a rustic brown works with blue-gray tones rather than a yellow-gray. As always, we created the palette using Sherwin Williams Color Snap.

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  1. D Linsky

    Such a timeless color palette.Thanks for the inspiration!

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