Country Club Dining Room Remodel


The 1970’s called and wanted their restaurant back. In its place is a bar and restaurant worthy of a country club.

The clients needed to upgrade a dated dining room to make it a place it’s members would want to come, eat dinner, have drinks and enjoy the game and the company.

With custom made concrete counter tops and bar table tops and swivel bar stools on a stained concrete floor, we gave it more of a “Sport Bar” type feel on the upper deck.  All details were considered right down to the hooks below the bar for your purse to hang.  The wave above the bar is an oversize TV screen for a future projector to show the game of the night or a late movie.

All light fixtures were repainted from green to black to blend better with the new decor and existing dining chairs were recovered with a more modern pattern.

The lower deck of the space serves as the more formal dining space frequently used by families and large groups of friends.


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