Color Post: October

October is dedicated to the perfect combination of cozy & frightful. But for this month’s post, we’re going to be focusing on the cozy & cuddly side… Warm, rich colors that bring you in to the fire and can’t help but force you to spend quality time with loved ones is what it’s all about! And even though Austin is still heating up to high 80’s this week, we’re going to pretend we’re in Beaver Creek, Colorado where the mountains are prominent with ice caps and the trees actually change colors.

Color Inspiration: 

Photo Source

We should be thankful that Austin has some time before reaching (what we call) freezing tempuratures. But we can’t help but feel some envy. Someplace serene to escape to where a gorgeous view is enough to keep you company. Wherever this image takes place, we love it. Using these colors, you can display the same level of comfort in your own home. (Once again, our paint swatches are made from the courtesy of Sherwin Williams Color Snap.)

Home Inspiration from Paula Ables:

Spanish Oaks Contemporary House

Spanish Oaks Contemporary 

Spanish Oaks Contemporary House

Spanish Oaks Contemporary 


Hill Country Contemporary 

Living Room

Lake Austin Contemporary

Master Bath

Lake Austin Contemporary 

While these homes have sleek contemporary designs, their colors are extremely warm and inviting. This is a great example of a modern home that still has its traditional-homey feel to it.

We hope this post was filled with enough inspiration to give you some interesting ideas! If you’re looking to do something more to your home, please give us a call! We’d love to help design a space especially made for you!

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