Color Inspiration: July

July’s color inspiration is coming from a local photographer, Randal Ford. He calls his business a “Kingdom” as in the animal kingdom! Randal takes absolutely amazing photos of wild animals and portrays them with such a relaxed and familiar (almost human-like) demeanor. It’s really an incredible sight to see, and while we love the photo we picked for July’s color inspiration, we highly encourage our readers to check out the rest of his website for a ton more stunning animal prints!

Color Inspiration:

Of course for this lovely design, we used Sherwin William’s Color Snap to aid us in finding the perfect paint colors that match this photo. This tool is great for painting your home, obviously, especially if you’re looking to do something like an accent wall! Just drag in a piece of artwork that has some colors you love, and you can color match it perfectly. It’s also available to create a color scheme for a new design when you see a piece of art or a photo that you want to bring in colors from. It’s perfect if you purchased a piece of art like this and are hoping to center the whole room around it as the focal point. (They also have an app version for your phone or iPad as well.) The colors in this photo are so bright and clean with that white background, it can make a statement in any room in the house! It is simple enough to work with modern designs, but also natural enough to lean more traditional. Contrast a color palette like this with some orange shades to make it extra summer-y and fun!

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