Color Combinations We’re Loving Right Now

We’ve done quite a few color related blog posts lately, and we want to keep riding this through. We’ve been inspired by some unique color combinations we’ve seen lately and wanted to gather four that have really caught our attention. Highly contrasting colors will always be in, but there are some shades that are more in trend to the design community. Something fresh about these too, are the idea of almost “clashing” colors to create a really special look. Burnt orange and mustard or varying shades of green keeping the space monochromatic or slightly analogous.

1. Millennial Pink & Lime Green

Photo Source

1. Stove | 2. Paint

This color combination was seen in every girl’s bedroom circa 2007-2010 but it is definitely starting to make a comeback. Especially when you keep it as refreshing as this. The green is also much more of an olive shade than lime, to balance it out and keep it more mature.

2. Burnt Orange & Navy

Photo Source

1. Bench | 2. Rug

This is a classic color combination! The high contrast in this makes it very colorful but blue and orange are also so easily neutral neutral to keep it from being overwhelming. We love deep shades of blue mixed with a cognac leather, for example. The options we gave are not exactly seen in the photo, but we wanted to give something more than just pillows to create your own look.

3. Millennial Pink & Mustard

Photo Source

1. Chairs | 2. Drapes

These colors are definitely some of the most in style currently, especially leading up to spring/summer. The way that the brass legs on those chairs almost match the mustard drapes is stunning. And in the photo, while it is not necessarily a design element, the navy robe gives the photo unique dimension and balance. So we definitely recommend adding a shade like that to a space with this combination.

4. Burgundy & Emerald

Photo Source

1. Chair | 2. Paint

This color combination is for the moody and dramatic and we’re living for it. The heavy contrast is there but because they are still jewel tones, it keeps it within the same family. This may seem dark for spring months, but remember- it’s inside your house, not on your clothes. Your home can be any mood you want regardless of what’s outside it.

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    Loving that Millennial Pink,esp with the green.It would work with Navy too.

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