Looking for a Classic Style Chair? Here are 3 of my favs and how to purchase them

So honey, remember that day the grandson of Ray and Charles Eames (sorry Eames Demetrios) told you to get out of his chair with that glass of red wine?!



Let’s go out and see what it would cost for you to buy one of these chairs (and a few other classics) for yourself!

Purchasing a Classic Chair

There are several different levels of these classic style chairs being sold all over the world. We are going to explore your options of getting an ORIGINAL chair made back in the 60s or earlier, a new production made from the original plans and design of the original artist and a “knock-off” version of the chair that is available for a lesser price. Will you be able to visually see the difference in the style and quality of these chairs? I think as a discerning design client, you would see it. I KNOW you would definitely feel the difference in the comfort and curvature of the chairs. Here are my top 3 favorite chair designs from the classic architect/designer era: Eames Lounge Chair, Barcelona chair by Ludwig Mies van der Rohe and Lilly Reich and Archie Chair by Milo Baughman

Eames Lounge Chair



Eames Lounge chair


Before you have a heart attack on the price of the first edition Lounge Chair, think about it. That is a pretty sweet chair and an iconic piece that is a part of our history. It is TOTALLY worth every penny. If you are shopping around for one of these classics and want to know if you are buying a real or a fake, there are plenty of websites out there to help you not get taken (or to even get a screaming deal) by someone selling the chair online or at a garage sale. If the original 1956 version isn’t quite in your price range, Herman Miller (who was the original manufacturer of the chair) is still making them new today! You can buy a new version of this iconic chair for about half the price of a “used” one.   If both of the original chairs are still too expensive for your current space, there are a few “faux” lounge chairs out there today. They still give you that amazing style at first glance, but at a fraction of the cost.


Barcelona Chair


barcelona Chair



The Barcelona was created to furnish the German Pavilion at the International Exhibition in Barcelona in 1929. The chair was meant to be a seat for the King and Queen of Spain. The ottoman was for their attendant to sit. The original chair is an absolute steal for $7200! Especially when you realize you are sitting with the likes of OG Royalty. The Barcelona current manufacturer is Knoll Furniture. For slightly less than the classic, you can get a new production of the chair in a variety of colors. Still a little pricey? There are several “knock-off” brands out there. Not quite as elegant as the original, but it is still a super cool chair.


Archie Chair

archie chair


The Archie is a mid-century modern classic. Maybe not as “iconic” of a chair as the two above, but I promise you see a version of it in every sitcom after 1965. The designer of this super comfortable chair is Milo Baughman. It has been manufactured by Thayer Coggin from day one of its existence! Baughman’s goal in designing his furniture was to make it forward thinking and unique, but not pretentious. It is hard to see any difference in the Original 1960s version to the 2019 chair since Thayer Coggin held to the original design. Either the original or the new original are an amazing price. Don’t just buy one, buy two! If you want the look for a slightly lower price, it is available with a lower back and a classic look that does its best to compliment the original design.


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Paula Ables and Acacia talking with Thayer Coggin’s VP of Sales and Marketing, Phil Miller. He was so much fun to listen to as he talked about growing up in the furniture industry and his love for Milo Baughman’s work.


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