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In honor of Back to School coming fast around the corner we’re dedicating a post for adults “Back to Work” shopping! There’s something so refreshing about replacing your old notebooks and pens to start over for the year. For a lot of people who have trouble staying organized, the best way to aid that struggle is a) a planner and b) new supplies to make you want to use it all! It’s just like being confident- if you act like you are, then eventually you will be.

Shopping Guide

1. Label Maker

For someone who needs to keep organized this is essential. It’s great for keeping all of your family’s financials in order, old business envelopes that you need to hold on to, honestly even spices in your kitchen… In a nerdy way, there really fun to use also.

2. Personalized Marble Planner

Paper Source has one of the largest variations of designs for their planners. They’re all 12-month spaced rather than a lot of the planners that are typically August-May for a school year. They’re also custom made so you can put your name on it or even your business’s name on the front of it! Planners are so important, no matter how much your workload is. So why not get the prettiest ones out there?

3. Wall Hanging Calendar

Planner’s are great because they’re portable and they’re good for more specific hour-by-hour notes. But on the other hand, a physical calendar is nice to have to just keep track of the big events going on. We know first hand that most businesses are are all set up electronically… But there’s something nice about a pretty calendar that hangs right above your work space.

4. Washi Tape

If you’ve never tried this stuff, you really need to get on it. Washi tape comes in an extremely large variety of colors and patterns so you can really do anything with it. It’s pretty good about not damaging wall paint and is actually fairly durable. This thin, patterned tape is used for so many purposes that we could probably do a whole post about all the creative uses you can get out of it!

5. Stapler with Colored Staples

These colored staples make putting together invoices so much more fun with just a touch of color. It’s the little things in life…

6. Marble Post-It Cube

Marble has been the on-trend pattern for everything- from phone cases to pillows- and as interior designers, we really love the look. Post-its are super necessary in the office; we go through more than we could possibly count every single day. So why not get a pack that would look like a piece of art on your desk?!

7. Post-It Page Markers

These style of post-its are another really good tool to have around your work space or study space. Easily mark documents so that you can add notes to it later. It comes in 10 brightly colored tags so you could even have each color chosen for a specific work need.

8. Neon Floral Stationary Set

Proper stationary is something that every adult woman should have in stock. If you’re constantly writing correspondence letters, it may be a good idea to get a custom monogrammed set made for you. But if you only need some every so often, then a gorgeous, fun design like this is perfect for thanking your neighbors, co-workers, or house guests.

9. Black & Gold File Folder

Perfect for keeping your desk clutter-free, this file organizer has the capacity to store binders, thick magazines, and more. It’ll hold all of your documents in a sleek and modern design making it perfect in form and function.

10. Paper Mate Marker Pens

These are our favorite pens in our office, and they last a really long time which is perfect for us since these are practically all we use. This variety pack has a bunch of pretty pastel colors that we love for all types of notes. They’re no-bleed ink and smear resistant so they really make writing more fun.

11. Clear View Highlighters

These highlighters are super innovative because the tips are completely see-through except for the outermost edge that is filled with the highlighter ink. This neat tool makes marking notes so much easier! Plus it comes in a colorful pack of three so you can highlight your little heart away.

12. White & Gold Desktop Storage Unit

Desktop organizers are really necessary, especially if you’re like us and love your different types of pens and markers and tapes and post-its… there are so many little items that we use everyday at our desk so it’s important to have designated spots for each item. This organizer is more chic than the usual unit and all of the little boxes are removable, so you can custom organize the layout of the tray however you please!


We hope this post got you excited for the new school year and got you thinking about ways to update your office. Are you looking to give your home office more in depth updates? Give us a call!  We would love to help you design your perfect abode.

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