August Paint Colors

Aaaand back to school we go! Our color inspiration for the month of August comes from the one & only- University of Texas. This campus is by far one of the most gorgeous we’ve visited, but of course we’re a little biased. It’s nestled in a fabulous part of downtown, and it’s surrounded by ridiculously old trees that cast the prettiest shadows. It’s a beautiful school with outstanding academics as well as good ol’ southern football!

Before we jump into our color scheme, can we discuss the some of the architecture?

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Those beams are magnificent- and check out the turquoise & red details within it! We also love those huge pendant lights that add to the traditional feeling of the school.

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WOW! We love a good turquoise door, especially one as ornate as this! It’s easy to see the amount of time and work that was put into creating those sconces as well as the window railing and even the door frame.

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The simplicity of the stonework around the pond is absolutely stunning. Symmetrical lines really invite you to this space while creating a great focal point. We cannot get enough of this campus!


NOW let’s get on already with the color scheme we’ve chosen for August. This photo is breathtaking and includes such a unique array of colors that perfectly describes Austin, TX.

This color scheme (provided by Sherwin Williams) is the perfect transition to fall! The contrast between the colors in this photo are definitely what helps to make it so appealing. The roofing is pretty close to the school’s color-burnt orange 🙂 This color balances with the baby blue and the assortment of forest green shades making it especially eye popping!


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