When Art reflects Life in Action-The Dining Room

We had the privilege of going to an art show in Austin at the Dougherty Art Museum to see the latest work by Maura Schaffer. The show was titled Ensoul. It was about the dining table in the average home and the story that it tells. I thought this was a fun and unique concept. The “Soul” of the house really is where your family and friends spend the most time in your home. For you, is it the Kitchen? The backyard? The Living Room? In each home it could be different, but I would say in the average home Maura is correct. It is TOTALLY the space where you sit, share a meal or a glass of wine and talk about the events of the day.

Maura put out a general inquiry for photos of dining spaces “as they currently sit” and my husband answered it with a very messy dining table and an eloquent explanation on what each item was that was there.

“Work, Love, Joy and also Work”

He titled it “Work, Love, Joy and also Work”. From end to end we have a work laptop, Valentine flowers, letters from Grandma and a box full of outlet covers.  You will note a Japanese influence within the space, painted rocks by my kids on the window sill and the fact that our chair covers reflect life in action with 4 kids. What a mess.

Maura looked at our space with her artistic eye and proceeded to paint the space as well as create a life-size sculpture out of welded metal rods and a hand sewn mesh cover.


“Valentine” by Maura Schaffer




See the amazing details of the Japanese sculpture on the buffet


This is Bill admiring his new wire and mesh laptop on the life-size sculpture of our dining room display


No detail was too small for Maura. She captured the essence of our room down to the shadows from the items on the table.



Ensoul is on display at the Daugherty Art Center till July 27th, but this exhibit will travel throughout the states over the next year. Some pieces have sold already, so make sure to watch for this collection to appear in your local Galleries. You don’t want to miss the chance to have a little peek into the soul of the average American home and all the delights it brings. (From flowers to special Sunday dinners to spilled milk and mischievous kitties.) Maura is a delight to speak to and has an unmatched passion for this subject and her love of art.


This is the Soul of the Dining table. It feels our happiness and our struggles in day to day life. I thought it looked a little like a collection of Dream Catchers, which is a great match for the Soul of the show.


Think about your home as it sits. Do you have a space that you love, but it could use a little Sprucing up? Is your home lacking that one favorite gathering space that draws family and friends to sit and want to stay for hours at a time? This type of space is our specialty! We love to create that beautiful and comfortable space that your family and friends never want to leave. Give us a call and let us help you find the Soul of your home.


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