Animal Inspired Furniture

Animal print will always be in style. For many people, leopard or cheetah print is even seen as a neutral! It coordinates with almost every color and works with various styles. While there are constant trends fading in and out with animal print, there are some classics that almost always work. Natural cheetah, hide rugs, and a modern take on animal print are some of the few. For today’s selection, we went further with the idea of “animal-inspired” to even mean animal shaped something…. a table with hooves! As out there as it may sound, we really think they’re quite chic.

1. Lucite & Brass Cowhide Chair // 2. Gallop Stool // 3. Red Zebra Wallpaper // 4. Snakeskin Secretary Desk // 5. White Tibetan Fur Chair // 6. Horse Lamp // 7. Zebra Hide Rug // 8. Marigold Tiger Wallpaper // 9. Serpent Bar // 10. Snakeskin Armchair // 11. Noir Saddle Leg Stool // 12. Dharma Tiger Lumbar Pillow

These wild patterns are a great addition to warming up your space for the fall time. It also gives a little bit of edginess to a space that can be fairly traditional or simply neutral. Some of our favorites of what we chose are the wallpapers! (#3 and #8) We love bright, graphic patterned wallpapers in a small space like a powder room or as an accent wall in a game room or kid’s bedroom.

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